Extended Commercial License


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Thank you for considering our Extended Commercial License. By purchasing this license, you agree to the following terms:

This listing grants you a non-exclusive Extended Commercial License for one specific illustration only. Please note that this license pertains only to the add-on and does not include the clipart files. To obtain the clipart files, please add them to your cart.

Please provide the name of the clipart illustration for the receipt of the purchase. Include this information in the designated personalization field when making your purchase or adding the item to your cart.

No physical or digital documents will be sent to you after purchasing this license. Your receipt of purchase serves as a confirmation of your right to use the specific clipart illustration commercially.


✅ Digital Use:

You are permitted to use the clipart in digital formats for websites, apps, software, ebooks, and newsletters, with a limitation of up to 50,000 digital reproductions.

✅ Print Runs:

You may use the clipart in printed materials such as books, magazines, posters, and billboards, with a limitation of up to 50,000 physical reproductions.

✅ Merchandise Use:

You are allowed to incorporate the clipart into merchandise items, including t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, and mugs. You can create and sell up to 50,000 copies of these items.

✅ Social Media:

You are permitted to use the clipart in social media posts, including but not limited to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

✅ Presentations:

You may incorporate the clipart into presentations, including slideshows, lectures, workshops, and conferences.

✅ Educational Materials:

You are allowed to use clipart in educational materials such as textbooks, workbooks, online courses, and educational presentations.


❌ Reselling the Clipart:

You are strictly prohibited from reselling the clipart in any form or digital format. This includes selling the clipart files directly or incorporating them into products for resale.

❌ Uploading Clipart for Free Download:

You may not upload the clipart to any platform or website for free download by others. The clipart should be used exclusively by you under the terms of this license.

❌ Logo Design:

You may not use the clipart as a primary element in the creation of logos or trademarks.

❌ Redistribution:

You are prohibited from redistributing the clipart as a standalone product or including it in any form of clipart collection or clipart bundle, whether for free or for sale.

❌ Mass Production:

You may not use the clipart for mass production purposes, including but not limited to large-scale manufacturing or commercial printing exceeding 50,000 copies.

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand these terms before proceeding with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for clarification.

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